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Full and Partial Dentures in Enterprise, AL

Full and Partial Dentures in Enterprise, AL

Enterprise Full and Partial Dentures

Full and Partial Dentures in Enterprise, AL

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Missing one or more teeth can affect more than your smile. It could impact your confidence and cause additional dental issues over time. The good news is that our skilled dentist in Enterprise, AL, from Dr. Michael E. Love can restore your smile with dentures.


Dr. Michael E. Love is a dental practice that strives to help every patient achieve good oral health and lovely smiles. Led by Dr. Drew Knight, our team offers customized dental care to account for each patient’s individual needs.

Types of Dentures

Dentures are part of prosthetic dentistry that act as replacement teeth that fit over the gums. These removable devices can replace one tooth or a full mouth of teeth. Dentures are one of the most affordable dental options for tooth replacement.


Common dental materials that make up dentures include:


– Porcelain
– Acrylic
– Resin


Leaving empty spaces along the gum line can cause additional oral and dental problems. When a tooth is missing, neighboring teeth will shift toward the gap, causing misalignment. If multiple teeth are missing, your facial shape may change and develop a saggy appearance.


With dentures, you can restore the shape of your cheeks and lips because the device will support your facial tissue. If you are considering dentures to replace missing teeth, you have three options: temporary dentures, full dentures, and partial dentures.

Temporary Dentures

Temporary dentures are same-day dentures that Dr. Michael E. Love provides patients undergoing more extensive future dentistry procedures like dental implants. Some temporary dentures use a metal wire to keep the prosthetic in place.

Full Dentures

Full or complete dentures replace an entire row of teeth on the upper or lower jaw. The device is removable and covers the natural gum line. Most full dentures remain in place through suction or an oral adhesive.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing one or two teeth with sturdy neighboring teeth, partial dentures may be a good tooth replacement option. Partial dentures engage adjacent teeth to support the artificial tooth.

Benefits of Dentures

Full and partial dentures come with many advantages. Most notably, they are cost-effective. Other benefits include:


– Restored facial shape
– Improved ability to talk, bite, and chew
– Preserved alignment of natural teeth

Caring for Full and Partial Dentures

Since dentures are removable, you can take them out each night. Our skilled dentist in Enterprise recommends patients rinse their dentures thoroughly and gently brush them with a denture brush to remove food particles. After cleaning, you should soak the device in tap water and denture cleaner.


When you need restorative dental care such as full or partial dentures, turn to the professionals at Dr. Michael E. Love in Enterprise, AL. Whether you are missing one or more teeth, our highly experienced dentist in Enterprise will perform a full mouth exam and create the best treatment plan to restore your smile. Book your appointment today by calling (334) 347-9564.

If you are missing one or more teeth, call Dr. Michael E. Love for an implant consultation today. We offer a variety of tooth replacement options, including dental implants, dentures, and bridges. We are here to help you find the right treatment for your needs.

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