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RD Same Day Dental Emergency

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RD Same Day Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Care in Enterprise, AL

Do not hesitate to call Restoration Dental for immediate care if you have a dental emergency. Call (334) 347-9564 to speak with a member of our team about your dental emergency.


Having a full mouth of beautiful, healthy teeth is essential for good oral health. Unfortunately, some dental issues are severe enough to compromise your smile, comfort, and overall well-being. When these situations arise, you will need the immediate attention of an experienced emergency dentist like Dr. Love. The team at Restoration Dental offers comprehensive dental services for the entire family. Led by Dr. Love, Restoration Dental has the tools, team, and expertise to address many dental issues during routine visits and emergencies. Our goal is to ensure that every client has a healthy smile.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, you have a problem with your teeth, gums, or jaw that requires immediate attention from an experienced dental professional. Dr. Love knows how to assess the needs of a patient who may be in pain or discomfort. At Restoration Dental, we understand the importance of addressing our patients’ urgent needs with care and compassion.

Do All Dental Situations Require Immediate Attention?

Some dental emergencies are obvious. For instance, severe oral pain and facial swelling are always dental emergencies. Failing to address these issues quickly can negatively affect the person’s overall health.


Other situations can be emergencies, depending on the person’s specific issue. A lost crown, knocked out filling, or tooth sensitivity will need prompt attention from a skilled dentist. However, it may be possible to wait for an appointment based on the advice of Dr. Love.

Common Dental Emergencies

Some of the most common types of dental emergencies include:


– Dental injuries
– Severe toothaches
– Chipped or fractured teeth
– Infections
– Extreme hot and cold sensitivity
– Jaw or facial swelling
– Abscesses
– Knocked out tooth


Some issues have underlying conditions that Dr. Love at Restoration Dental can uncover and treat. For example, a facial injury could knock out a tooth, but an extensive gum infection could cause a toothache with inflammation. You can trust the team at Restoration Dental to thoroughly assess your dental needs and create the best treatment plan.

If You Have a Dental Emergency – Call Restoration Dental Today!

If you feel you have a dental emergency, you should immediately reach out to the staff at Restoration Dental. We will ask about your problem and symptoms. You will receive instructions on protecting your mouth and minimizing your discomfort until you can arrive at our office. We understand that many people have anxiety about dentist visits. You can rest assured that we will handle your dental emergency as quickly as we can and do our best to help you feel comfortable during treatment.


Whether you need teeth cleaning or immediate dental care for an oral emergency, you can count on the compassionate team at Restoration Dental. Our dental office includes skilled professionals and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure you and your family receive the best care possible. To request an appointment, call (334) 347-9564 today.



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URGENT CARE (Emergencies)

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