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RD Preventative Dentistry

Dr. Michael E. Love - Restoration Dental - Enterprise, AL

RD Preventative Dentistry

RD Dental Exams & Cleanings in Enterprise, AL


The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental visits at least twice per year. Regular exams and professional cleanings can help to ensure optimal oral health. Here at Restoration Dental, we strive to provide the highest-quality dental cleanings and thorough preventive exams.

Our dental cleaning appointments are about an hour-long, and new patient visits typically last a bit longer. We take pride in getting to know each of our patients, tailoring treatments to the needs and goals of each individual.


During your examination, we will also:

o  Evaluate your overall oral health
o  Discuss oral hygiene practices and habits
o  Check your bite and jaw for any issues
o  Evaluate your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer
o  Evaluate existing tooth restorations
o  Take dental x-rays if necessary


Regular cleanings and exams are essential for ensuring a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile!

Dr. Michael E. Love - Restoration Dental - Enterprise, AL
Sirona Orthophos S 3D

RD Oral Cancer Screening in Enterprise, AL


In the United States alone, one adult dies every hour from oral cancers. When oral cancers are identified in early stages, treatment can begin more quickly. In early stages, treatment has a higher rate of success and can be much less invasive. In more advanced stages, oral cancers are more likely to have spread to other areas and need complex treatment.


Dr. Love recommends having an oral cancer screening once each year. Regular screenings can help ensure early detection of any potential cancers.


During your oral cancer screening, Dr. Love will check for any abnormalities. We will closely examine your mouth, throat, lips, gums, and tongue. Let us know about any potential symptoms you have experienced, including:

o  Pain or difficulty with speaking, swallowing, or moving your jaw or tongue
o  A sensation that something is caught in the back of your throat
o  Sore throat with no other sinus symptoms
o  Lumps or swellings in or around your mouth
o  Drastic weight loss
o  White or red patches in your mouth
o  Mouth sores that do not heal
o  Unexplained ear pain
o  Unexplained bleeding in your mouth


If you have experienced any of these symptoms for more than a week without improvement, call us immediately for an appointment.

Anyone may develop oral cancer, but there are certain factors that can increase your risks. Some of the most common include:

o  Being male (men are more likely to develop oral cancer than women)
o  Use of tobacco in any form (6 times more likely)
o  Genetic predisposition for oral cancers
o  Excessive or prolonged exposure to sun
o  Unhealthy diet
o  Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages
o  Having gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)


Dr. Michael E. Love - Restoration Dental - Enterprise, AL
Dental Health Scan – with CEREC Primescan

RD Digital Health Scan in Enterprise, AL


Our “Digital Health Scan” here at Restoration Dental is an interactive 3D map of the mouth that includes tooth structure and tissues captured by a digital sensor that takes thousands of small pictures very quickly. The pictures are then “stitched” together creating a perfectly accurate representation of the mouth.


The scan allows dental professionals to look at a person’s occlusion (how the teeth fit together) showing any signs of trauma; wear patterns; loss of bone and tissue; and faulty restorations to name a few. It could almost be considered a map of the mouth.


Being able to review this 3D model with our patients allows us to give a unique visual experience to our consultations.  This kind of transparency with our patients is what we strive for.

RD Periodontal Screening in Enterprise, AL


Here at Restoration Dental we perform periodontal screenings on all our adult patients once a year.  When screening for periodontal disease (gum disease), the hygienist takes radiographs, performs a thorough dental exam, and may ask you questions about your health and family history.


During the exam, the hygienist will measure and record several key variables that may indicate the presence of periodontal disease or help to determine the severity of the disease.  We will record the color, shape, and consistency of the gum tissue. We will note whether or not the gum tissue bleeds to the touch, which healthy gums do not do. We will record and measure recession of the gum tissue away from teeth, and record whether any of the teeth are wiggly or loose.


The key indicator of periodontal disease is determined from the measuring of “pockets” that exist in the gums around every tooth. These pockets exist in healthy patients as well, but become elongated in the presence of gum disease when the gum tissue is being destroyed by bacteria.


If gum disease is detected, we will determine its severity and discuss measures to halt the progression of the disease and repair the destruction that has occurred. When detected early, most forms of periodontal disease require simple, non-surgical therapies to achieve good results. More severe periodontal disease may involve surgical approaches.

Dr. Michael E. Love - Restoration Dental - Enterprise, AL

RD Mouth Guards in Enterprise, AL


Mouth guards are coverings worn over teeth. They’re often used to protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding and during sports. You might also need a mouth guard if you have a jaw problem, snore, or have sleep apnea (a condition that causes pauses in breathing while you sleep). There are many types of mouth guards. Both children and adults can wear them.


Dr. Love wants the best possible oral health for every patient.  If the need is apparent during your exam, we will talk to you about how a mouth guard could help.

Dr. Michael E. Love - Restoration Dental - Enterprise, AL

RD Nightguards in Enterprise, AL


You may be wondering if you’re in need of an occlusal guard or nightguard. While occasional teeth grinding or clenching should not be a major cause of concern, excessive grinding or clinching can lead to pain, broken teeth, loss of tooth enamel, and in severe cases – complete loss of teeth.  This grinding and clenching typically occurs at night, but may also be a daytime habit, and most people are unaware they have the problem. Individuals who experience this excessive griding or clinching would benefit greatly by using a nightguard.


Some symptoms that may indicate the need for an occlusal guard include:

o   Teeth clenching and grinding

o   Jaw pain or stiffness

o   Fractured or worn-down teeth and dental restorations

o   Loose teeth

o   Temperature-sensitive teeth

o   Headaches, earaches, toothaches in the morning

o   Facial pain

o   Disrupted sleep

o   Sleep partner complains about the noise


Dr. Love wants the best possible oral health for every patient.  If signs of grinding or clenching are apparent during your exam, we will talk to you about how a nightgaurd could help.

RD Dental Sealants in Enterprise, AL


Sealants are thin, liquid coatings painted onto the chewing surfaces of your back teeth (premolars and molars).  Once applied, a dentist cures and hardens the sealant material to shield and protect your teeth from harmful cavity-causing bacteria.


Dr. Love will place sealants to protect your teeth from disease-causing bacteria.  Your back teeth have deep grooves that help you grind up food when you chew.  Food and bacteria can become trapped in these grooves, leading to tooth decay (cavities) over time. Sealants coat these areas so bacteria can’t reach them.  In general, anyone who’s prone to tooth decay on their back teeth should consider sealants.


Sealants are one of the most common preventive dentistry treatments performed today. In the U.S., approximately 42% of children aged 6 to 11 and 48% of adolescents aged 12 to 19 have dental sealants on their adult (permanent) teeth.

RD Periodontal Screening in Enterprise, AL


Cavities are caused by bacteria that live in our mouths. They feed on leftover food they find there, including sugary foods and drinks. When these bacteria consume sugars, they release acids that attack tooth enamel. Over time, damage to this protective outer layer of our teeth sets the stage for tooth decay.  Fluoride helps fight cavities by repairing the damage these acids can do to our teeth. The repair process is called remineralization.


Fluoride treatments include applying fluoride to your teeth to strengthen the enamel, which is the hard outer layer of your teeth. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in water, food, and soil. It’s added to toothpaste, mouthwash, and drinking water to help prevent tooth decay.


At your routine dental cleaning appointment, Dr Love will apply a professional fluoride treatment. It usually takes just a few minutes to apply, and you can resume normal activities immediately afterward.

Dr. Michael E. Love - Restoration Dental - Enterprise, AL
Sirona Orthophos S 3D

RD Cone Beam 3D CT in Enterprise, AL

A Panoramic X-Ray (Cone Beam 3D CT) machine rotates around your entire head to take a 360-degree view of your teeth, sinuses, and the bone structure of your head and jaws. This provides a more complete image than standard X-Rays. Panoramic X-Ray imagery is a valuable resource for Dr. Love to use in diagnosis and treatment planning.


Would you like more information on what this amazing 3D technology does?

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